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Purchase 900$    CMS
Purchase Online 1200$    MVC
Links, images or posts slider with multi options systems.
Links, posts or images carousel.
Responsive styles for tabs, mobiles and other devices.
Bootstrap codding and styles systems.
You can book product or service online without registration.
Comments working on posts, news, blog or forum pages systems, when you are registered user.
Simple search working by word searching systems. Advanced search working by criteria form.
Multilingual site will allow you to attract a large number of users and be more organized and functional site
Facebook, VK, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIN etc.

Google Map or Yandex Map.
Group widget with settings on page or on sidebar.
On pages, on posts etc.
Sites catalogs - are a kind of lightweight versions of online stores.They differ from the latter by the fact that they are not implemented with function of product selection to the cart, there is no module checkout and payment. Have a layered structure of products for viewing. Typically, these sites need companies that sell specific products in a wide range. For example, there's CDD"Spectron" who develop devices for fire safety. Such products are specific, claimed a narrow segment of the market,however the site catalog allows for full view of a number of nomenclature.

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