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To date, one of the most popular type of site! Blog - an online diary, of a certain person in which records are added regularly (posts), with any information. The difference between a blog and a personal diary is that the blog is available to the other network users, who do not just read it, but also discuss, comment and share their thoughts. Another feature of the blog is that the entries are sorted in reverse chronological order, so the latest entry appears as the very first. Typically, a blog shaped its own audience, which oversees the updates via RSS feeds. It allows readers the first to know about new articles, and the author to maintain a constant audience of readers. No less popular are, so-called specialized blogsā€¤ In these blogs are not discussed the life of some celebrity, but a certain topic, for which it is made. They are very popular and interesting because they collect fresh and relevant information for their readers (this is if they write themselves, and don't copy from others). To create a blog, you need a minimum of knowledge and effort, and you can start to write articles to promote the site and earn money! For it there are many different CMS. One of them is WordPress.

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