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We work in office, free, comfortable environment and on our local servers. There is no need to bring a laptop we canwork on our laptop, the work information will be sent to your e-mail address.
Knowledge + Practice is solution to the most important key issues.
-Direct viewing of the real work process.
- Participation in the works
- Planing and creation of your very own Website.
You will have your very first portfolio website, which you can include in your resume, in confidence and a clearer picture of your work. We will provide server and a sub-domain in iSistems.
  • How to Start
  • Getting started
  • How to talk to customers with office and internet.
  • How to Build Your Own Business
  • How to evaluate the work
  • How to plan and design the right site.
  • To keep the competition in quality and price and hold positions
    • , ... etc.
      Please contact us only if you are serious, purposeful, proactive, willing to learn (regardless of whether you have thebasic skills or not ), fast, competent, hard-working person. We will not deviate from our schedule, we really appreciatethe time and the most, work schedule. It is important to know with whom we conduct classes, and if you have the abovequalities, we will work, in other cases,it is excluded.
      For more information call, write in our official websites or visit us at our Office. After Your call you will receive a SMSabout our official website and contact information.
      The most serious attitude to you, your determination, your diligence.
      Due to our quality we save you and your time,in which are already certain our students , our colleagues and our friends.
      We are taking the most difficult way!

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